The Red Temple

Where women gather to utilise their menstrual cycle as a natural compass of self-care, creativity, productivity, purpose & spiritual emancipation.

You are warmly invited to The Red Temple to practice grounded Womb, Moon & Menstrual Cycle Wisdom to optimise your Personal Growth, Self-Care, Creativity and Spiritual Empowerment in harmony with your flowing cyclic nature.

Monthly Sadhanas

Periods of dedicated, daily practice to connect with your Womb’s consciousness and have that guide you in daily life. A new Sadhana / focus each month. Topics rotate themed on womb healing, self-care, empowerment & creativity all in tune with the menstrual cycle.


We have a secure, private forum INSIDE The Temple doors, where you can discuss all things womby & get your questions answered.


Guided Practices to help you develop a thriving relationship with your Menstrual Cycle, Sacred Womb & beyond.

A Community of Like Hearted Women

Womb Wisdom is still taboo in our mainstream consciousness. That IS changing. However, when we are awakening to our Epicentre of Empowerment it massively helps to have people to talk to & a space to be not only accepted and heard, but also honoured.

I feel really honoured to be a part of the Red Temple and the sisterhood that exists here.  Melanie has created a beautiful, potent, safe, sacred space for all women to come together to learn, to grow, to share, and to heal.  There is a wealth of knowledge to be explored and experienced here and I love Melanie’s down-to-earth, simple, practical, powerful teachings.  No fluff, no bs, just straight up wisdom and practical tools that one can use right away. 

My own practice has deepened considerably after sitting in the many sadhana’s and being accountable for my daily practice. Thank you Melanie for being such a bright guiding light to the rest of us as we all find our way home.  I highly recommend this resource and Melanie’s teachings to all women who wish to deepen their connection and healing with their own wombs and with the world at large.

Leane Koss

I was experiencing an inner calling and awakening to the resilient power of being a woman and found myself dropping into my womb for guidance. Feeling grounded with a yoga and mediation practice I longed for a community specifically focused on womb wisdom and the journey of womanhood- that is what I found in the Red Temple.

Starting with the moon cycle tracker connected me in a deep way with my cycle and provided an abundance of soft gentleness and gracefulness for my spirit and physical body. I am enjoying the similarities on each day of my cycle and appreciating the differences. I am excited and look forward to taking more steps and becoming a larger part of the Red Temple community

Heather Holmes

The Red Temple FAQ’s

I've only just come across this work, can I join?

Yes, absolutely! You are very welcome. Inside The Temple Library there’s a cycle tracker and guided practice to connect with your Womb. There’s also a Sadhana (a series of daily practices) to guide you on your way.

Please do join us and ask us anything in the community!

I feel stuck / upset / confused at different points in my cycle, can I get help with this in The Temple?

Yes, absolutely! Once you’ve joined, introduce yourself and let us know what you’re struggling with.

We will point you in the direction of appropriate practices and you can join the monthly coaching circles to get direct coaching and support from Melanie.

You can also get your questions answered in the community.

I'm not on Facebook - how can I access the community?

The community is NOT a Facebook group. Our lovely, grounded community is INSIDE The Temple. The forum has dedicated sections on where to post different topics. Past posts and questions are clearly structured and you can access all the juicy wisdom easily!

I'm in peri-menopause / menopause, is this for me?

No. When we go through the major life transition of peri-menopause, specific support is needed.

Here is a great podcast with more info and resources for peri-menopause >

I'm looking for specific scientific guidance about hormones, is this included?

No. The Temple focuses on the emotional and spiritual aspects of The Menstrual Cycle and Sacred Womb. Whilst this focus supports and affects our hormones, technical and allopathic medical advice is not offered.

I'm trying to get pregnant, will this help?

Yes. We need enough energy in our Womb Centre to bring life itself through to this reality. There is a specific practice in The Temple Library for preparing The Womb for pregnancy.

Once you are pregnant though, it’s advisable to stop doing any of the practices in The Temple as they can initiate clearing of The Womb.

I'm looking to reconnect to my cycle as I'm coming off hormonal birth control, is The Temple the right place for me?

Sure! You will go through a transition period as the synthetic hormones come out and your natural cycle comes back. The practices and Sadhana’s in The Temple will help you to reconnect, and to track your cycle.

I've heard that when I menstruate I lose life force and think there are practices to stop my period - is this available in The Red Temple?

No. Intentionally stopping our menstrual cycle suppresses our emotions, and our true nature as women. We are not losing energy at menstruation, rather we are shedding skin. The new grows from that. Menstruation is an indicator of a healthy reproductive system.

I have PCOS / Endometriosis / Infertility; will this help?

Yes. The Red Temple focuses on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the cycle and Sacred Womb Centre. Cycle tracking, energising The Womb Centre and living in increasing alignement with our true nature all help to restore health on every level.
However nutritional support is needed to heal and The Temple can not offer that. It is advised that you get nutritional support in addition. A GREAT resource to understand the physical root cause and heal can be found at

I have found the Red Temple to be a vital way of connecting with other like-minded women in a supportive collective, to share ancient and modern wisdom, as we all try to navigate our normal lives with a bit more sisterhood, grace, power and peace.

This is how women used to support each other to grow, learn and lead our lives from our centre, our wombs, and I strongly feel that the time is ripe for reclaiming our traditions to inform and forge our futures.

Kathryn James