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7 Day Live Sadhana starts Saturday 22nd September.

You are warmly invited to The Red Temple to practice grounded Womb, Moon & Menstrual Cycle Wisdom to optimise your Personal Growth, Self-Care, Creativity and Spiritual Empowerment in harmony with your flowing cyclic nature.


Monthly Womb Wisdom Workshops and Moon Ceremonies featuring creative exercises, womb practices, shamanic journeying and more.


Guided Practices & audios to help you develop a thriving relationship with your Womb Centre, Menstrual Cycle and beyond.


Disciplined and dedicated practice to connect with the womb and use the menstrual cycle as a compass in daily life.


A secure, private forum INSIDE The Temple doors, where you can discuss all things womby & get your questions answered.

A Community of Like Hearted Women

Womb Wisdom is still taboo in our mainstream consciousness. That IS changing. However, when we are awakening to our Epicentre of Empowerment it massively helps to have people to talk to & a space to be not only accepted and heard, but also honoured.

A Team Of Skilled Professionals

The Temple Team are four women who each bring forth our unique Womb Wisdom in the world. We work together to run the monthly workshops, Sadhanas & support you in the community. Together we bring an abundance of knowledge, experience & magic!

Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan

Womb Wisdom, Menstrual Magic, Womb Healing & Professional Training.

Veena Kumari

Veena Kumari

Womb Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition.

Zoe Woods

Zoe Woods

Womb Healing Massage, Goddess Massage, Cycle Coaching & Red Tent.

Nicky Atanasio

Nicky Atanasio

Abdominal Massage, Trauma Informed Yoga, Meditation, Doula, & Moon Magic.


This is for you if:

You want to learn how to live in harmony with your menstrual cycle & cyclic nature.

You want to connect to and follow the Wisdom coming from your own Womb.

You want to use your cycle to optimise Creativity, Personal Development, Productivity and Self-Care.

You are coming off hormonal birth control & would like psycho-spiritual support to re-connect.

You want to prepare your womb space for pregnancy.

You are thinking to join The Moon Medicine Woman Training and want to see if this work is a good fit.

You LOVE – or want to love! – your WOMB Centre and want to practice with like-hearted women!


This is not for you if:

You are looking for specific scientific advice about hormones.

You are regularly using alcohol and drugs inc. marijuana & ayahuasca. This work can’t be grounded with the regular use of substances. 

You would like an online course with a specific start and finish date.

You would like to stop your menstrual cycle. 

Grounding This Work For The Future

Your contribution to The Temple and other Sacred Womb projects are going towards buying a piece of land and creating sustainable structures where women can gather to practice Womb Wisdom, Retreat alone in nature – sit in Circle & Ceremony – Heal – Reset -Learn – Share – Receive – and step into the MAGIC.


Monthly Womb Wisdom Workshops & Moon Ceremonies.

21 Day Sadhana waiting for you.

Temple Library inc; guided practices, audios, downloadable pdf’s, Ayurvedic Womb Kitchen and recommended products! 

Optional Extras; womb healing & cycle coaching, First Blood Course coming soon. 

Private Community INSIDE The Red Temple (not Facebook).

Get your questions answered within 48 hours with clear sections on where to post.

A Temple Team of 4 to support you to connect with your cycle, womb consciousness and beyond. 

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